FCDICE Student Login Help

This tutorial will guide you through logging in to the FCDICE (Fire College Department of Insurance Continuing Education) system. This assumes you have never been to their site before.

Login Procedures

  • Go to www.floridastatefirecollege.org
  • In the Name box, type “ff” plus your social security number without spaces or hyphens.
  • In the Password box, type "password"

If you are in FCDICE it will take you to one of 3 pages:

  • If you are not in FCDICE, you will stay on the same page and a red lettered note and box will appear advising you are not on file. (See "New Profile" section below)
  • If you have no other functions within FCDICE you will go to the “My Profile” page. Update the information and select a new Login Name and Password
  • If you have other FCDICE functions, you will go to the Sections page. This page allows you to select how you wish to proceed.
            Student – This is for you not others
            Instructor – This for taking care of other students, courses, classes
            Provider – This is for entering as an organization
            Named FD or Named security level – This is using FCDICE as the FD
  • Select “Customize” and from the pull down select “My Profile
  • At “My Profile” complete all information
You are now in the system and ready.



You are not in the system and need a “New Profile”

You will need to create a new profile for yourself. Never create a new profile unless you have followed the directions above first.
  • On the login Page, select “Create a completely new profile”.
This will take you to the Student Registration page.
At the Student Registration page
  • Create a new login and password
  • Complete the registration page
  • When done, select “Save
Save” will take you to the In-Box page    

You have been to the site but forgot your login and or password

  • Select “update your existing profile”
  • Answer the questions asked successfully and you are taken to the “Student Registration” page where, at a minimum, you will have to select a new “password”